Clients get customized workout plan with video demos for every single exercise so you are able to view and perfect each movement of the exercise.

You get a meal plan based on your goals, customized to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Included is access to a workout diary where you log your workouts and can keep track on your progress over time and a food log where your meals are reviewed with comments and guidance.

Thanks to the power of internet, you can always contact your trainer through e-mail, and then train in your own time in a fitness centre of your convenience and liking armed with an individiualized program for your workouts and diet, you are optimizing your results but in your own time.

Online training is especially tailored for busy people as they control the time and location of your training, as well as the experienced trainee who is looking for new ways to vary their training and reach their goals.


Price: £ 85 for 4 weeks

Send an email to ragganagli79@gmail.com if you’re interested in online personal training.

One thought on “ENGLISH

  1. Elisabeta Stela Raileanu

    Hi i would like to work out home because mainly i work 12 hours shift 2 2 3 so i almost never get to my work out , i do metabolic works out …. but lately i haven’t had time and i m eating what ever kind a got lost and i m competing in November in fitness … i need to get start it a soon as possible …. i think u are one of the best here in Iceland just the way u are i like ur thinking and positive …. please contact me and yeah let me know thank you for ur atention 🙂

    Regards Elisabeta

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